Online Course Websites

Online Courser has compiled a list of paid and free online courses websites. As the number of online learning and educational platforms has been on a rapid increase in last a few years, we have compiled a list of available online courses and teaching sources.

List of Paid and Free Online Course Websites 2019

The current list has been compiled as of April 2019. The list includes all major online course websites that are operating worldwide. The list keeps growing and we will update it periodically.

  1. Coursera is probably the largest online learning platform in the world. It is running a partnership with leading world universities and companies. It offers a wide range of courses for almost every topic.

  2. Udemy is one of the largest online video learning platforms. It has around 100k paid and free online course videos.

  3. Edx was founded by Harvard and MIT and it offers high quality online learning service. It has aabout 20 million enrolled learning students. It cooperates with leading world universities and companies..

  4. Skillshare is another large online learning platform with 4 million studens and 28k online courses. The courses include a large variety of topics, mostly in the field of creative arts.

  5. Khan Academy is a non-profit free online learning platform. It is supported by leading universities, banks and companies. It offers basic and high online education courses and classes.

  6. Teachable is another large online learning and teaching platform. Teachable currently has 18 million enrolled students, 186k active courses and 68k instructors.

  7. Alison offers certificate and diploma courses on a wide spectrum of topics. It currently has 13 million enrolled students, 1000 courses. Alison is available in 195 countries.

  8. Lynda LinkedIn Learning has recently been bought by LinkedIn Learning and is now offered by this company. It has around 13k online courses. First month of any course is free and the rest is subject to various plans.

  9. Pluralsight describes itself as a technology skills platform. Computer science, programming, coding, DevOps and machine learning are some of their course categorries. The platform offers a free 10-day trial.

  10. Udacity is another tecnogy bases learning platform. Their online courses include data science, artificial intelligence, coding and programming, autonomous systems and cloud computing. They also offer 1-on-1 technical mentor feature.

  11. Treehouse is an online technology school offering online learning program designed to prepare the students for a future tech career.

  12. Creativelive brings together award winning artistic figures with those students with an art passion. The platform runs severall broadcasting studios from which it offers live online video courses focusing on creative arts.

  13. Saylor Academy offers college level online learning courses and classes. The courses are free, no registration is needed and upon the completion of each course a certificate is granted. Their courses are on topics as diverse as mathematics, history, interpersonal communication skills and so on.

  14. MIT Opencoursware brings together international educators and students. The platform offers free lecture notes, eaxams, videos and instructor insight, all being from MIT. No registration required.

  15. OpenLearn was founded by Open University as an online learning platform. Their topics are as diverse as mathematics, languages, history & arts, nature & environment, health & sports and so on.

  16. International Open Academy offers courses in various fields which are created by international professionals and experts in their fields. Their courses include diverse topics such as animal science and care, cooking, criminology, interior design, life skills, languages, photography and so on.

  17. SkillSuccess is a kind of Udemy-like online platform. They offer around 1000 paid and free courses in multiple categories such as languages, business, technology, personal development, health, media and production, lifestyle, music and many others.

  18. VirtualCollege is based in United Kingdom, offering paid and free online courses to individuals and organizations. Their courses include categories such as business, construction, quality and diversity, food hygiene and safety, healthcare, retail, safeguarding and so on.

  19. OpenCulture is a unique platform of its kind. Besides general topics, it mainly focuses on social & cultural courses. Almost all of their courses are free. They also offer a wealth of audio books, thousands of classical movies, e-books and many other educational sources; all being free.

  20. AcademicEarth offers lots of free online college courses. Their courses are from leading world universities including MIT, Stanford and Berkeley. Courses include art & design, engineering, humanities, business, science and math, social science, computing, marketing and so on.

If you think the above list is missing any significant online learning sources, please contact us with the missing ones, we will add them.