About Online Courser

Online Courser is a new website that lists online learning sources. The number and scope of online learning websites is getting larger day by day and online teaching and learning is emerging as a new horizon for education. Not only leading world universities and companies, but also institutes and companies of any size and even the individuals are working hard to get their share from this emerging educational market. As a result of this trend, new online educational platforms are fast becoming popular worldwide. So we, as Online Courser, have made the efforts bring together this list of online learning sources.

About Online Learning Source List

The current list has been compiled as of April 2019. The list includes all major online learning websites that are operating worldwide. Needles to say, the list is not complete and it continues to grow. We will periodically scan the online learning sector and will add newly emerging platforms. If you think the above list is missing any significant online learning sources, please contact us with the missing ones, we will add them..